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Copy editing and/or proofreading of fiction, non-fiction and business writing.
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I recently saw an article stating that 85% of copy editors do not have any formal language qualifications but have a sharp eye for detail and a love of correct grammar and punctuation.
If that is true, I am one of the 15% as I have an MA in English Language and Literature and what my family call our ‘eagle eye’ for detail. There is more than one editor among us.

I have always been a non-fiction writer with a critical eye, even winning a prize as a twelve year old for a review of Ernest Hemmingway’s classic novella ‘The Old Man and The Sea’.

I lived and worked overseas in a variety of roles in the UK and Australia for many years and returned home to New Zealand in 2019.
I have worked for several ‘not for profit’ organisations and in local government in Australia.

My current projects include editing fiction and business content, creating a song book in collaboration with a songwriter, ghost writing for a personal development coach and translating documents from US to UK and NZ English.


Business Content Writing, Copy Editing and Proofreading Documents
Per word: 0.025 cents + GST
Example: 0.025 x 10,000 words = $250 + GST
Minimum charge: $25 + GST

Reading and Assessment (no editing) of a novel or memoir of approximately 50,000 – 80,000 words: $100 + GST*

Advice on Self-publishing
– contact me – see FAQ

My rates are negotiable under some circumstances.
Please contact me to discuss your particular project.

* If you have written a novel or memoir the cost will depend on what stage you have reached with your manuscript and editing may be expensive.
I can provide you with an assessment of your document and estimate how much work is required to complete it.
You might also need a structural edit.
See FAQ for more information on structural editing.

Terms and conditions

1. Your privacy is paramount to me.
I will never sell, pass on, distribute, transfer or otherwise trade your material or personal information with a third party.

2. I will provide you with a written quote which once accepted becomes a binding contract with me.

3. You are in full control of your work at all times and can accept or reject any changes.

4. Payment is required within 7 days from the invoice date.
Some larger projects require a deposit.

5. I will not keep your work in any form once I have received full payment from you.

6. I am not responsible for the accuracy of your information, or for any libel, slander, copyright infringement or plagiarism within your work.

7. I will offer you the very best editing and proofreading suggestions I can, but due to the nature of this work am unable to guarantee 100% perfection.

8. If you are not satisfied with my work I will offer you a 100% refund.

Contact Patty French
Waikato NZ
Phone: 021 045 2317 / +64 21 045 2317
Email: wordwise@tol.nz
Web: wordwise.tol.nz

Frequently Asked Questions

What is copy editing?
It is the process of reviewing and correcting written material for grammar, spelling, style and punctuation to improve accuracy and readability.
It includes removing repetition, inconsistency, checking for omissions and creating clarity and a logical flow of ideas.

What is proofreading?
This is the final stage of a document and involves checking the almost-finished product for minor text and formatting errors before publication or printing.

What is structural editing?*
Also known as developmental editing this is the most complex, time-consuming and expensive stage of the editorial process.
It looks at the ‘big picture’ and involves a complete review and evaluation of the structure of the piece of work and how the parts work together to create the central message or narrative.
* I do not currently offer this service but can send you a free information sheet about how to begin the process yourself.
The more editing you can do yourself the less you may be charged by professionals.

Can you help me with self-publishing?
Yes I can, I have considerable experience with self-publishing including formatting for eBooks, Amazon and with print on demand.
Contact me to discuss your project and we can negotiate an hourly rate based on your requirements.

I am using editing software, why do I need a person to edit my work?
I have used the professional version of Grammarly, the best-known editing software, for years.
I can assure you that these programs are not able to pick up some categories of errors, both grammatical and stylistic.
Thankfully we are not yet at the stage where artificial intelligence, using algorithms, is able to replace human wisdom and experience. Hopefully we never will be!
Where these programs are very useful is to pick up basic errors and save yourself time and money when your work is edited.


“Patty has the ability to take a piece of writing and understand what the writer is trying to say, then shape it into a clear and coherent document fit for purpose.
I am the Human Resources Director of a multinational software company in Melbourne and she edited my CV better than I could”
– Andy A.  HR Director, Melbourne Australia

“Patty has edited or re-edited fourteen of my self-published novels,
Her work has taken my writing to a new level.
She has a fantastic attention to detail and nuance and saved me from myself on numerous occasions.
I am British but write mainly for the US Market and she is able to slip effortlessly from one version of the English language to the other, preventing me presenting incomprehensible British slang and word choices to my audience.
She has patiently shown me the repetitive errors I always miss and have previously sent to print before she began editing and proofreading for me.”
 – Chris D.  Author, Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia.

” I am an Internet Marketing professional.
A US client was asked to write about his business for his website in no more than 5 pages.
He was unable to provide less than 21 pages and wanted nothing left out.
We had a tough deadline and passed it to Patty.
She produced a perfect document in less than 24 hours.
The client was delighted and felt she had captured the essence of what he wanted to say but did not know how.
We unconditionally recommend Patty for her efficiency and professionalism”
 – Aveline C.  Strategic Marketing Consultant, NSW, Australia.

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